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In that environment, two Republican congressional staffers told Mail Online, it may soon be time for the Obama administration to replace its periodic tally of 'airstrikes' with a more meaningful count of ISIS targets the Pentagon has hit.'Not too long ago, the president didn't want to seem over-eager to pull the trigger,' one House of Representatives senior aide said, 'but now the game has changed.

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A Pentagon insider familiar with logistics and planning in Iraq, however, told Mail Online on Friday that American aerial vehicles, including fighter jets and drones, 'have hit or destroyed well over 500 [targets] now.' An Iraqi soldier stands guard near a destroyed armored vehicle used by ISIS militants in northerern Iraq.

Similarly, CENTCOM said Friday that 'four airstrikes' had destroyed seven targets – 'an ISIL observation post, one ISIL Humvee, one ISIL armed vehicle, one ISIL truck, and three ISIL mortar positions.' Similarly, CENTCOM spokesman Major Curtis Kellogg said that 'we aren't going into detail about specific numbers and types of aircraft platforms or the types and numbers of ordinance [sic] used in airstrikes.' Multiple bombs: This American F/A-18F Super Hornet jet comes equipped with 11 total 'hardpoints,' each of which can support a missile or a laser-guided bomb: 2 on the wingtips, 6 under the wings, and 3 under the fuselage Why so modest?

As White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest brags that Obama is willing 'to go wherever is necessary to strike those who are threatening Americans,' the Pentagon is putting out the most modest numbers available to show the president's level of aggression As President Obama prepares to deliver a speech Wednesday in which he outlines a long-awaited strategy for attacking ISIS, both Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill are calling on him to get tough with the Islamist terror group.

And that could provide an opportunity for the Obama administration as it strains to meet an anxious public's expectations of tough talk.

On Sunday, for instance, CENTCOM announced that the U. military had 'conducted four airstrikes Saturday' against the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), which the Obama administration has referred to by its alternate name ISIL.

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