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In the course of that conversation she discovered that she was the only one of the five that wasn’t having an affair.

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Affairs have become an unbelievably common occurrence in marriages today.

It is no surprise that divorce rates are at their highest levels ever when we consider how far society has fallen in making affairs acceptable.

It goes without saying that affairs are absolutely devastating to a marriage.

They inflict serious harm on the self-esteem of the offended spouse, cause feelings of bitterness and resentment, eliminate emotional intimacy, and obliterate trust.

In truth, emotional affairs are the most devious of all affairs.

They sneak in gradually over time and steadily grow in intensity.

Even in this situation, recovery takes a great deal of time, effort and endurance.

Without question, a far better path is to prevent the affair from happening to begin with.

If we are to prevent the devastation of affairs from reaching our marriages, it is vitally important that we understand the reasons they occur.

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