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Maha Prasthanam has shown me how to invoke revolutionary feelings with strong words. I have joined him as an assistant after completing my B Tech. I have worked for several other films in the capacity of story writer and dialogue writer.

Producers Vamsi and Pramod are my friends for a long time.

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His portrayal of the half psychotic factionist leader Muthupandi is still one of the most talked about villains in Tamil cinema.

His phrase Chellam that he uses throughout the movie became a favourite among the masses.

Here is an interview -Background I was interested in writing since childhood.

It was mostly a soft writing till I read Sri Sri’s Maha Prasthanam.

He expected me to come up with some punch and powerful dialogues to impress him as I am basically a writer.

I took as compliment as I could impress Prabhas as a director.He plays Vijaykumar in the film, who is the friend of Prithviraj.His comic scenes with Brahmanandam were some of the best highlights of the film.He is the reason, this Priyadarshan movie has become one of the classics of Tamil cinema.Vijaykumar in Mozhi Prakash Raj proves in this film that he play any role, be it villainous, serious or a light and youthful role.Nobody can do justice to the character of Vengadam like Prakash.

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