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This one shows an S over 78 indicating September of 1878.

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We can say with assurance that this piece was made in January 1874.

We should note that Copeland was not as fastidious as Minton or Wedgwood in marking their ware so these marks will only appear on a fraction of their output but it is a genuine pleasure to be able to decode them when you can find them.

From 1870 to 1963 impressed date marks were used on Copeland pieces.

On majolica and decorated earthenware they were used from 1870 until 1957.

They are listed in Spode and Copeland Marks and Other Relevant Intelligence which can be consulted for full information on Spode backstamps.

The backstamp in Fig 1 shows that it was not applied to the pot very well.This green plate has the S for September on the reverse above the 02 signifying the year 1902.This particular pattern was very popular for Copeland and was made for a very long time.The only other manufacturer that we know of is Copeland /Spode.Theirs was a much simpler coding method than that of Jones, Minton or Wedgwood and is extended to dating their fine china as well.Not a backstamp but something to look out for, Fig 3 shows a candlestick of early 19th century design decorated with Spode's Christmas Tree in 1980.


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