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Something along the lines of Delilah, the lookout tower, and the Shoshone all being dreamy constructions in Henry’s head, coping mechanisms for an uncomfortable reality: like maybe ’s more prosaic take: that running away from your problems isn’t just a psychological flight of fancy explored in a daydream or a mind palace, but a real thing you can do, and if you do it, there are consequences., Henry would be perpetually stoned and named Zott Birdhouse, and he’d engage in elaborate and unusual sex with Delilah, a.k.a. The number of puns, though, would be basically the same.) Both — in fact, much of Pynchon’s fiction — deal with the disappointment and frustration in trying to unravel conspiracies that seem very important, but in execution they’re almost opposites.You are with Henry only as long as he distracts himself from his actual life.

Then, the ending itself puts the narrative in a new perspective: would Henry be out there in the woods investigating conspiracies at all if his life outside wasn’t painful and fraught? Since the game puts players in Henry’s shoes, you can see why players might feel the same. In some cases these revelations could have been better delivered.

Would he have taken the job if his wife hadn’t succumbed to early onset dementia? But he can’t forget her by running away and hiding in the woods; that’s not going to work. Ultimately, the plot of is irrelevant to what he’s struggling with in his life.“That was pretty disappointing,” concluded the You Tube star Pew Die Pie, as the credits rolled on the video of his playthrough. You, the game says outright in its prose prologue, are Henry. Every question in the mystery has an answer located somewhere in the game, but many of those answers are easy to miss, even for a player who wants to find them.

I don’t think players are there in the game — but a lot of players have been, and I think on that basis the game has caught more flack than it deserves on its merits as a piece of writing.

It also just doesn’t feel right, in terms of role-playing a character, to leisurely wander the woods in the idle hope of coming across a fun secret when Delilah is regularly assigning Henry one urgent task after another.

Brian Goodwin had been staying in the Shoshone with his father Ned, a fire lookout from a few years back.

Henry’s paranoia comes to a crescendo and presently evaporates when he finds the body of a twelve-year old boy, killed in a climbing accident.The same authenticity is in , because the conspiracy actually is so minor, Henry and Delilah are able to work through it, grasp its dimensions and identify the rational, boring answer to each of its questions.There is no government experiment, there are no aliens, they’re not in Purgatory, and Delilah is exactly what she appeared to be.No, she says, he’s not dealing with his problems— and by the way, your problems aren’t always as bad as you think they are. Henry deal with his problems; it’ll be tedious and stressful and nobody’s going to think he’s a hero for doing it, but it’s nowhere near as insurmountable as he thinks.There’s optimism there, in the ending, if you want to take great detail, with particular attention to its ending. You, Henry, don’t get the girl; you, Henry, are told to face up to your responsibilities; you, Henry, don’t feel like a hero; you, Henry, are disappointed.“I don’t feel,” Landis added in a later tweet, “like anticlimax’s [sic] are ever something that should be wilfully attempted.” Given how far and wild Henry’s imagination runs with the early rumblings of conspiracy, I can’t argue : Julia’s sharp descent into dementia and increasing need for full-time care return her, as if a child, to her parents in Australia. His shame and grief push him to take a solitary post as a fire lookout with the Forest Service. Delilah knew Brian wasn’t allowed to be out there, but she didn’t snitch because she’s cool.


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