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Were you ever concerned at all about how “See I Miss” would translate to fans that hadn’t expected a down-tempo track from you?

Man, honestly that entire album was a bold statement. The fact that people resonated with it was just a bonus and a blessing.

While most young rappers were pushing out the same old turn-up/trap jams, Gold Link was busy concocting a new formula that involved nothing but unfaltering originality and everything he loved musically.

Marsha ambrosius dating

I couldn’t help but be drawn in by (and later completely obsessed with) the DMV native’s unique tone and slightly off-kilter cadence.

But then every verse carried scrupulous, metaphoric prose wrapped in artfully shameless transparency that gave me hope for modern rap.

Hailing from Liverpool, England, fans first got a taste of Marsha’s talent as the singing half of the duo Floetry.

Their 2000 debut Floetic produced signature singles like “Say Yes" and "Getting Late" as well as…

Marsha added a certain balance and flavor to the song that only a woman could provide and it sounds great. I made “Polarized” about Jaycina (now 6LACK’s girlfriend).

A lot of people make songs about relationships and it’s really one-sided. I happened to be dating the woman who spoke Tagalog on “Spectrum” while recording it. I made “Dark Skin Women” for the beautiful black women who I think aren’t acknowledged and represented nearly enough.

You don’t always get to have another creative with a fundamentally different outlook and approach add to it in a genuine way. My cousin lost his almost-born child in a fatal car crash that almost killed him and his baby’s mother, and I mentioned that in the intro. I was surrounded by killing, drug dealing and death my entire life.

My best friend growing up got shot in his head before he could go to college.

With the 1 Year Anniversary of AATWDT’s release upon us, Gold Link revisits the album’s soulful closing cut “See I Miss.” Maintaining the original ad-lib support from Anderson .

Paak, a special anniversary remix of the track now features one of R&B’s most talented singer-songwriter’s Marsha Ambrosius.

So the music spilled out of me with ease and it took me a solid month to make. People ’round the way know what I’m about and what comes with me.


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  2. The donation was made on behalf of her non-profit organization, the Happy Hippie Foundation.

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  4. The song was also a hit for Cowboy Copas around the same time.

  5. She replied, “Yes I know leave him alone.” She marched in 1972 New York Pride with a placard that read “Parents of Gays Unite in Support of Our Children”.

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