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I know it might be different for you ladies who are younger and looking for a man to share the father-role in your child's life.The only advice I'd share is to be very careful who you invite in your home and trust to be with your special little angels. I mention this because my own daughter was abused by my second husband, and she didn't wasn't even a special needs child. My grandmother is 73 and even after a knee replacementshe was still helping me lift and bathe my daughter. I had to swallow my pride and even begged him to come back.i agree with the posters above me when they say that some will be scared away by the thought of having to be a "parent" to these special little luvs and i think some are scared by what they don't understand..a lot of times, if a person isn't around people with special needs, they don't really understand what different types of conditions are or get freaked out by misconceptions about them or by misinformation that has been spread about as if it were truth...i have three kids with special needs (four children in total)...

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I do what I feel I must, and as far as the men I have met, strangely enough it has not been a problem.

If a man does not appreciate me and my grandson, he is not good enough for me, and definitely not the man I am looking for.

I dont know why this is, because my child is awesome, and I am not looking for a father for him, I have been his mom and dad for 12 years and will continue to do that, I think if someone has a problem with a special needs child I see that as a red flag of insecurity, they are afraid more of your time and attention will be spent with your child instead of them.

I haven't dated yet and am not ready to at the moment but eventually I will want to be with someone.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...I am lucky in that my kids father is such a great father to my daughter (she has CP, visually impaired, tube fed and globally delayed).I just couldn't imagine being intersted in someone and then they meet her and are unable to see past her "issues".Also I think only people with special needs kids can really understand all the times we cancel plans last minute.To everyone who has posted here: I am the grandmother of a special needs young man who lives with me.I think that a lot of single mothers make the mistake of trying to get a man to be the male figurehead to the children.. most people don't want to take the place of the absent parent... but if we cant I am very lucky to have my grandmother. People always talk about "a mother's love" but there is something so special about grandmas.


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