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APF (Airline Policy File) is a file that is loaded as part of the NDB and contains parameter settings (airframe/engine) that are similar to the AMI file on Pegasus. Q: What is the logic in Airbus Step 1A used to produce the AMBER EFOB figure at the destination on the FUEL PRED page (top right), and the EFOB figure on the FLIGHT PLAN page (bottom right), with the resulting AMBER scratchpad message ‘DEST EFOB BELOW MIN’?A: When the predicted EFOB at the destination becomes smaller than the MIN DEST FOB entry, then the EFOB is displayed in amber on the MCDU.A: If you have ACARS you can certainly uplink flight plan and wind data.

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These defaults can be manually changed by the Flight Crew but only down to a minimum of 1500ft AGL for both the Thrust Reduction and Acceleration Altitudes.

There is a program pin into the FMC that sets the default Acceleration Altitude equal to the default Thrust Reduction Altitude.

You will have the route you are flying in one and then one provisional route to play with.

Q: Can the Pilot manually stored Waypoints be lost when FMC power cycles?

However, after the next take-off, the second powered up FMC will latch fail.

The FMC Bite data will log a "Indep Mode & Airborne" fault.A: The A300/310 FMC operational software has hard coded defaults of 1500ft AGL for Thrust Reduction Altitude and 3000ft AGL for Acceleration Altitude.But unlike other later generation FMCs there is no database that controls these defaults.However, to be absolutely safe, we recommend to replace both the battery in the MMC card every four years. FMS will be updated by GPS and short range sensors, when over water GPS down, FMS drifts off to IRU.It will correct itself once GPS or short range sensors are available.A: 1 MEG PIP NDB will work on 1 MEG non PIP and on Pegasus.


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