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If you want to go with the standard front page and rearrange in the template as you described you could use drupal_is_front_page() to have different parts of the template for frontpage and other pages. The Flag clear module allows administrators to remove user flags for content.(no effect) Teaser: I've set it to only show the Image (body is hidden) (no effect) I've read the docs to change the but I don't see any options to move the title down below the image in this file.

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The Drupal security team can be reached at security at or via the contact form at https://

Learn more about the Drupal Security team and their policies, writing secure code for Drupal, and securing your site.

The success of the course serves as a stimulus for students wanting to learn practical applications.

Professor Gross is one of those educators who practices things he preachers.

As Ramsey answered questions, more than a half dozen reporters and camera crews, including a Globe reporter, waited outside his Denver attorney's office hoping to catch a comment or a photo.

6 Is everybody in this room agreeable to abide by 7 that order?

Sites using this module should review the permissions page to verify only trusted users are granted permissions defined by the module.

The Entity API module extends the entity API of Drupal core in order to provide a unified way to deal with entities and their properties.

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