Dating girl has never been kissed

It has just the right amount of smiles, laughs, and romance to make everyone a fan (plus it brings back all your favorite high school memories, so much fun 😉 ).If you haven’t seen it before, you are TOTALLY missing out!!! What’s great about this movie is you can get it almost anywhere – even FREE at your local library!

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Look, I may not have been kissed yet, but my awesomeness isn’t determined by whether or not I’ve pulled tongue with some dude when I was in 9th grade. And if you’ve never been kissed and don’t feel at all comforted by my words of wisdom, at least you know that somewhere out there there is a chick who managed to graduate college without getting laid.

The truth is, I thought it would happen on my 16th birthday. He'd never shown any interest in me, so naturally I believed he was madly in love and would kiss me on my birthday. Then I thought it would happen before my 19th birthday.

And because we were friends, I believed he might someday return my feelings. Me, I'm spending my evenings watching TV and writing books that no one will read. It seems like everywhere I turn people are falling in love.

My Facebook feed has been inundated with engagement announcements.

Every girl is different, just like there are some situations where this may not happen, but when he pulled me in like that I wasn't even sure at first if he had pulled me or I just went to him upon him asking me to.

And then I relaxed immediately, the second his lips touched mine.

Let her hold you for a minute or so, and she might relax. If she's still so nervous that she starts pacing around you in a circle and fiddling with her hands like i was, say something similiar to the line above and just pull her in.

You shouldn't do this unless you're sure she wants to kiss you, but trust me, it'll ease the pressure more often than not if you make the first move.

I’m funny, I’m smart and I have an awesome sense of style.


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