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"I always tell people maybe I started doing comedy because I talked to myself for a really long time." Having female idols in the industry gave Carly the confidence to pursue her career. "Nooo, I didn't talk to anybody in school," Carly answered.After break up with the first boyfriend Carly Aquilino began to date comedian Pete Davidson.

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I really feel for the women going through these things, because they’ve been silenced in a way because they’re scared they’ll be blocked out of the industry.

It’s really disheartening to see how many people are speaking out about it, but it’s also empowering that women are coming out and are not afraid.

Do you have any perspective to share about your own experiences?

A: Being a female in the comedy industry is definitely difficult, but I’ve worked with such a great group of people in my career that I’ve been very fortunate with that. I’m really lucky and fortunate that I’ve never been a situation where somebody’s tried to take advantage of me in some way.

She is known for her comedic chops and for her trademark bright red hair colour.

Though best known for her appearances on Girl Code, Carly Aquilino also had early career guest spots on Guy Court, Wolf Watch, and Gotham Comedy Live.

A: “Girl Code” was on MTV for a few years, and now it’s on Snapchat. I do think social platforms are taking off in a different way.

People are watching things on their phones more often now.

Carly Aquilino is a stand-up comedian described by audience members as "funny" and by her father as "a huge mistake".

As a New York native, Carly first stepped on stage at Gotham Comedy Club and has since been quickly rising in the comedy scene, performing at the most popular clubs in New York.

The tell-it-how-it-is comedian best known for dishing out advice on MTV's Girl Code gave News Fix the rundown of the law of the ladies! "...cheating, ex-boyfriends, friends, waxing." Guess growing up in the Big Apple will naturally breed a big personality, right?


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