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The Bachelor has been around since 2002 and continue to grow in popularity.

The lavish dates and romance attracts a huge amount of fans.

Yet we see the dream couple fall in love, but as soon as the cameras stop rolling and reality takes over we find out that they are broken up or have copped off with another of the contestants.

So why do we believe that they are going to last forever in the first place? We are so desperate to be convinced that fairy tale romance exists that we do not want to be exposed to reality.

Charlie O’Connell, the brother of Jerry O’Connell, chose Sarah Brice to be his wife and they lasted for 2 years until Charlie’s drink problem broke them up in 2007.

They then got back together in late 2008 and broke up in 2010. Sarah got married in 2012 and gave birth to a baby boy called Jack a month later.

A month after her break-up with Ben, Courtney started dating Emily Maynard’s ex, Arie Luyendyk Jr., but that ended after a few months.

Courtney is still modeling and living in Los Angeles. When anyone says there is a success story from The Bachelor it is not true.

Jake proposed to Emily but broke up several times over just a few months.

Emily is not single and living at home with daughter Ricki. Courtney and Ben lasted about a year splitting in 2012.

, and looking-like-Harry-Hamlin fame, only just found out that his now ex-wife Shauna Sand (they were married from 1996 to 2002) was sleeping with his then 18-year-old son, A. And apparently he found out while shooting his new E! In 1951, Nicholas came home to find Gloria in bed with his 14-year-old son, Tony. Discuss getting along with grown up stepkids – but not like that Elizabeth Taylor steals Eddie Fisher from Debbie Reynolds There was no one more famous than Elizabeth Taylor in the late '50s.


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