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Today, I’m delighted to say that our blog has been hijacked by the very cool dating expert, Claudia Cox.

She is the author of ‘French Seduction Made Easy‘ and is passionate about sharing her expertise on communicating well in relationships especially via flirty texting.

You sent the first message, they replied – congratulations, everyone is onboard and ready to roll! It can be hard to keep a conversation going with someone you don’t know YET, and who isn’t sitting across the table from you. Is that you don’t know what makes them tick yet – or even if it’s worth finding out…

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Stick with light, flirty topics that keep engagement levels high. 4 tips for keeping the online conversation going like a champ until you meet up in the flesh.

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She runs the website where she makes the art of seduction look easy peasy.

If you haven’t already, head over there and check it out.

Pretty much everyone loves talking about “numero uno” – so give your partner an opportunity to start gabbing away!

Asking light, simple questions is a sure fire way to keep a conversation going online.

Going back to the good old questions, instead of asking him or her something dull such as “what did you eat for lunch? Ask “Why are you a cat person when everyone knows that dog people make better lovers? Nothing kills a conversation early on like pushing boundaries waaaay too far (like being outright mean or vulgar).


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