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“I saw an advert in my technical college newspaper inviting people to apply to study porcelain painting [a course in partnership with Royal Copenhagen] and I thought it sounded exciting.

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Today, decorative production takes place in both Denmark and Thailand.

Though at a glance the patterns appear identical, each blue-painter is able to immediately single out their own work.

In 1863, the Flora Danica pattern was put back into production. I’m also eager to read this new book and am considering a copy of this out of print history book!

The foundation 1709: Europeans elicit the secret of Chinese porcelain - 1772-1774: The chemist F. Mller experiments 1775: The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory is founded By the time the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory is founded on , under the protection of Queen Juliane Marie, more than one hundred years of persistent efforts have elapsed to elicit the secret of porcelain-making from the Chinese.

The crown has changed over time and can be used to date each piece of Royal Copenhagen.

The waves represent the three Danish waterways: the Oresund, the Great Belt and the Little Belt.#6 – Royal Copenhagen’s blue-painters spend four years studying their craft and use paint brushes made from the fibers of cows’ ears or reindeer belly.Read on for some interesting little tidbits about the historic Danish design house.#1 – Porcelain was wildly popular among 18th century royalty.Royal Copenhagen was founded in 1775 under the order of the Queen of Denmark, Juliane Marie (pictured above).The three waved lines, symbolising Denmarks three straits: resund, Store Blt and Lille Blt, are adopted as the trademark.An old post yard on Kbmagergade, in the centre of Copenhagen, is converted to house the manufactory.In 1801, after the British defeated the Danish in the Battle of Copenhagen, Lord Nelson bought a set of Royal Copenhagen porcelain for his mistress, Lady Hamilton.#10 – The most famous service produced by Royal Copenhagen was the Flora Danica (now held in Denmark’s Rosenborg Castle).


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  4. Read on for some interesting little tidbits about the historic Danish design house.#1 – Porcelain was wildly popular among 18th century royalty.

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