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Hong Sang-soo has made movies at about a once-a-year clip since the late 1990s, and his consistency extends to the projects themselves, which are usually structural variations on what happens when a filmmaker and a woman drink too much soju.

In this moving film from the French-Algerian filmmaker Rachid Bouchareb, a widowed Senegalese tour guide (Sotigui Kouyate) at a slavery museum in his home country learns that he has distant relatives living in America.

Released at a time when the most of the country thought New York City was a scary place (the late ’70s — and to be fair, it sort of was), “The Warriors” follows a group of young hooligans who are framed for the murder of a big-time gang leader and forced to retreat to their home turf in Coney Island.

He is a cat riding a giant stuffed toy moogle, initially working as a fortune-teller in the Gold Saucer.

Cait Sith is an anthropomorphic remote-controlled plush toy cat standing just over three feet tall with short black fur and a white stomach and face.

Only one nominee can win the Oscar for best picture, but frequently, worthy best-picture nominees come away with nothing major at all.

These 15 films, all available to stream, were nominated for top prize but got snubbed in every major category.Early in his career, Kim Ki-duk established himself as a festival provocateur with stories of extreme violence and sadomasochistic relationships, like “The Isle” and “Bad Boy,” but his reputation improved in the mid-aughts when he shifted to more serene inquiries into human nature.The Korean-American director So Yong Kim (“In Between Days”) keeps the camera tight on two little girls as they fight for survival in the Korean-language film “Treeless Mountain,” a sensitive ode to the vulnerability and resilience of children in a cruelly indifferent environment.Here are 14 from the past few years that are worth discovering.After decades of writing and producing excellent TV shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and the first season of “Un REAL,” Marti Noxon reflected on her own history with eating disorders for this, her smart, harrowing directorial debut.The year 1995 doesn’t seem that distant in the rearview mirror, but “Super Dark Times” feels like a gritty analog to “Stand by Me,” a carefully evoked period piece about a boys coming to terms with mortality.

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