Dating of mahabharata and ramayana

At the famous 10th Century Prambanan temple in central Java, dedicated to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the Ramayana is depicted in bas-relief in several parts.

The sultan of Jogjakarta supports the daily performance of a leather puppet show of either Ramayana or Mahabharata in his Palace annexure.

Vikramaditya ruled Hastinapur for 93 years from 83 BC to 9 AD.

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In all these time machine travels, the name “Rama” kept emerging everywhere.

In Indonesia, the world’s largest Islamic nation, we discovered that Ramayana and Mahabharata are compulsory subjects in most of the universities.

It gives all the three eras: Kali era, Vikram era and (Shalivahan) Shak era.

It is as thus:“When the three yugas (satyug, tretayug and dwaparyug) have elapsed and 60 x 60 (3,600) years of kaliyug have already passed, I am now 23 years old.” It means that in the 3,601st year of Kali era he was 23 years old. Thus, the beginning of kaliyug comes to 3,601 – (476 23) = 3102 BC.

The description is detailed to year-month-days of each and every king who ruled.

By adding the total number of years of the four dynasties from Yudhishthir to Vikramaditya, it comes to 3,148 years which is 3111 Kali era or 9 AD, which represents the date when Vikramaditya left this earth planet.

We travelled across South East Asia with time machine conceptualizing that into a format was a major challenge, the nitty-gritty of organization crisscrossing over a hundred locations in five countries was no less difficult.

During our subsequent visits in time machine, we had distinct, but equally heavy responsibilities to perform — Mohana as the producer taking on the burden of dealing with two monarchies (Thailand and Cambodia), two Communist countries (Vietnam and Laos) and one democracy (Indonesia); while I began to write and direct the serial.

A discrepancy of 6 years in 3,000 years of record could be a copying or printing mistake, and is thus negligible when dealing with a longer span of years.


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