dating living with parents - Table of contents not updating

Creating a table of contents in In Design is a little bit tricky.For years, I've been designing my documents without using this very handy feature.And don't use the font size or bold buttons on the toolbar or ribbon. To modify the Table of Contents itself, you need to display the Table of Contents dialog.

You can save a custom table of contents and have it appear on the References Table of Contents.

It will be inserted into a content control, like the built-in tables of contents.

I have to create a table of contents at the start of the method and then I update it at the end to get all the new headers.

Currently I use doc.create TOC(), where doc is a variable created from XWPFDocument, to create the table at the start and then I use doc.enforce Update Fields() to update everything at the end of the document.

I am using Apache POI XWPF components and java, to extract data from a file into a word document.

So far so good, but I am struggling to create a table of contents.

A book is a Frame Maker file that joins several files together to form one document.

The book file includes the filenames of the individual documents, as well as any generated files.

First, identify the text that you want to appear in the Table of Contents. Having created your Table of Contents, you can then customize it in several ways, to suit your needs.

On this page If these don't appeal to you, there are several other ways to apply a style.

If you find any errors or think we should include other tasks, let us know!


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