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In short, girls learn about man/woman relationships first by seeing the husband/wife mother/father relationship modeled in their home by their parents, and then by experiencing their relationship with their siblings (if they have them).

Last, they learn from chaperoned and parent controlled exposure in various social, academic and athletic settings.

If her father is loving and protective, and pays appropriate attention to her by cheering her on in her accomplishments, whether those accomplishments are in soccer or dance or something else…compliments her on her femininity, telling her she looks pretty in a dress when she does or that he notices and likes her new haircut, he is encouraging her to take care of herself and value herself.

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in Catholic parent, children, Christianity, dance, dating, Family, get the girl, Important family issues, life, love, manners, parenting, Raising daughters, Relationships, Uncategorized ≈ 29 Comments (Part II begins here) Before I get started and offer some teenaged dating rules for girls, I want to say a couple things. I’ve been asked about this topic many times, when I talk to mom’s groups, in casual conversations, and in emails. I am sharing here what is now morphing into our own family’s dating rules for girls, either formally or informally.

That’s the motivation of this post- to answer the people who have asked me the question of what we do.

The skills she uses when communicating with her brothers are the same skills she will later use to communicate with other guys.

When parents encourage sibling bonding and teach their sons to protect their sisters, they are setting the groundwork for a happy later life for them both.

It lays the groundwork for healthy sense of self as well as healthy relationships with others, including males, for a girl’s entire lifetime.

What’s more, and along the same lines, a girl’s positive relationship with her brothers also helps her develop healthy personal and social relationships with males, which helps later on in her life.

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Hopefully this will keep them from getting naked in the library and help them use it to study!

The girls can attend football games, bonfires, skating parties with boys, and a few astute, warm and friendly chaperone parents.


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