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There may also be times when you are the seller and have agreed to let your customer make a deposit on an order and to pay the balance after you deliver the goods or services.For example, this down payment might cover the cost of your raw materials.He banks with Chase, so armed with his account number, I drove to the nearest branch to make a deposit.

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Chase is the first major bank in the nation to adopt such a policy.

"I'm really sorry to hear that your reader had trouble depositing money into his son's account," Smith said.

If you think you might take out another mortgage any time soon, I wouldn't shut down this credit line until you close on the new loan.

When you're getting ready to make a major credit move, you don't want to do anything radical with your credit by opening or closing new accounts, or running up a bunch of new purchases.

"However, we do follow the government requirements for cash monitoring," said spokesman David Reavis. We only used it once for a small amount many years ago, paid it back right away and never used it again.

Q: My husband and I have a home equity loan in both our names that is going to end this year. We really do not want to pay the annual fee for something we never use.

Also, we might be selling the house in the future, so we might want to close it at that time anyway.

We are concerned about what closing this would do to our credit ratings.

It is for ,000, which would be a huge reduction in our available credit.

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